Captioned video - the new black?

The everyday scrolling of social media doesn't really leave any room for traditional video content, you know, the kind where you see some dude talking about some stuff? I usually scroll past these quickly just because I'm afraid the sound on my phone might be turned up and wake up everyone on the bus. However the last year or so the trend of captioned clips has emerged, everyone seems to use them, from presidential campaigns to bloggers. I have to say there's something quite captivating about these clips. I find myself looking at captioned cooking and baking clips all the way through, even though I don't really take particular interest in those things. I certainly would never watch and listen to any traditional video of someone baking if it was to show up on Facebook.

A couple of random examples:


These new little clips fill a nice little gap when consuming your everyday social media. They provide a nice one-minute break from the consistent scrolling but still feeds you the same kind of chunky information that sits right there in your feed. It also has a pretty good format for quick learning about almost anything. From historic events to sentimental sport triumphs. It sometime feels like the continuation of the infographic trend we saw coming a few years back. It has the benefit of being graphical rather than textual and thus can captivate you faster.

Perhaps we will see these captioned soundless video clips evolve further or perhaps even to other platforms in the future? One thing I would like to see happening is for services like Highbrow to start offering their five minute daily “courses” in this format. Maybe we’ll see it in the time ahead.