Whats really the future for streaming?

We've been waiting for a spotify-like, all-you-can-eat service for our TV- and movie demands for all to long.

Chances are we are never to see it. The Verge recently had a article on the matter, saying no single service will ever have the full catalog. The major reasons being "that's just the way the studios want it". There is also the matter that one minute of cinema is considerably more expensive to produce than a minute of music, so what would a complete catalog service really be priced anyway?

Whats the solution here? User adaption to the current status of fragmentation, crippled selection and complete miserability?

I would like to introduce the idea of a subscription/rental combo as the endgame winner.

The subscription format is here to stay. It's good for movies, but GREAT for TV, as the whole binge watching trend will have you understand. However due to the fact that we won't get a full catalog service for movies, it will stand crippled. The subscription services I use today usually holds a good few high profile movie titles, but they are no where near rich enough. When I need a specific title, I reluctantly would need to go to services that provide digital rentals. These services (I usually go with Google Play Movies) are however a cluttered mix of rentals and buys (is that a word?) which leaves me, again, reluctantly willing to do business.

Until we get a good and comprehensive legal service, pirate software such as Popcorn Time will continue to be a good option.

Digital sales - meaning buying and owning - of movies and tv is still (I'm assuming) viable from a financial perspective. It would be the prefered way for studios and labels to get their product out to us the consumers as it generates more bucks per title. It also mimics the old school, physical media, so there's that. But come on, today that's just feel like a stone age old idea. No more digital buys!

So my suggestion for a solid service would be this:

  1. Focus the UX on heavy sectioning TV-series and movies.
  2. A subscription would give you access to a great catalog of TV.
  3. Have a rental approach to movies. Sure throw in some good free stuff here, but I would prefer a good rental catalog to a impaired subscription based one.

Will we ever see it?