The (few) benefits of Fantastic Four

9% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.1 on IMDB. Audiences has not responded particularly well to Josh Tranks take on Fantastic four. But I want to set a few things straight, and claim that there are benefits of this movie.

So yeah, it's not great movie. In fact, it's not even good. But because of the complete overhaul of blame, hate and disgust put on this property, I find myself defending it quite often.

Some trust (ok, ALL trust) obviously need to be restored, but another reboot, or putting it indefinitely on hold are both worse options.


The casting is fine

The actors did not underperform. There we're no awkwardness or hide-your-face-in-the-pillow embarrassments. The big misses are related to other things, such as poorly developed character relationships, not selling the different story arcs enough and absence of pace changes etc. I actually like the casting quite a bit.

The older Fantastic Four movies are NOT better

This one annoys me the most. The 2005 and it's sequel from 2007 are by no means better movies. They are worse. Cram packed with gimmicky moves and dumb drama and awkward acting. Stupid is a very fitting description for both of these properties.

It looks pretty good

The tonality is perfect. Thing looks great. The action scenes with Mr Fantastic is also quite fantastic(!). This is where the older movies failed miserably. And they did not suddenly get better just because the new one was a flop.


I don't think there are any reason for Fox NOT to continue developing stories with what it set up with this installment. Perhaps if the tonality had been messed up that would be the case. An X-men crossover might be quite fitting. Perhaps used to set up a standalone sequel?

Future will tell.